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Trends in Artificial Intelligence

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Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Popularity of intelligent systems owe their success to artificial intelligence as the core entity for effective operations. Our theory is that these intelligent systems are actively connected to computer networks via the internet or interconnected databases emended within their "cerebral-sphere" for quick information access and decision support

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the birth of neural networks which serves to mimic operation of the human brain and actions. Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a natural feature within search engines, military, software applications, transports and manufacturing / retails. Given rapid growth in technology, communication and competition, there is an even greater desire for manufacturers, marketers to push the boundaries of innovation to ensure they stay abreast of  financial targets and at the same time radically increase speed to market efficiencies and safety.

The world as we knew it back then has change beyond our capability to keep up with the many changes that are happening from the technology front line and in most cases, we are only learning or becoming aware of major breakthroughs that have occurred ages ago - simply because technology is now globally available at the fingertips of those who can research effectively and adopt agile experimental approaches. These disparate system developments has given rise to artificial intelligence concepts that can be interconnected at a modular level to create more enhanced systems and personality - sometimes to the detriment of the wider population.

Artificial Intelligence Top Trending Sectors

At the time of writing this review about trends in artificial intelligence, these were some of the big topics hitting the headlines:

Whilst these are some of the more positive outcomes of artificial trends, there are other instances that have started to cause concerns and in some instances raise fear across population boundaries. Take a look at this:


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