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3 in 1 Black Plastic Round Handle Anti Static ESD Brush Computer cleaning brushes with ati-static fvinyl or removing dust, dirt, debris and other unwante.. Product #: B00X9DPHDK based on 0 Reviews Regular price: $8.00 $8.00 20

3 in 1 Black Plastic Round Handle Anti Static ESD Brush

Product Code: B00X9DPHDK

Availability: 20

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When looking for a brush to clean computers, this 3 in 1 anti static cleaning brush kit is perfect fpr the job. Key features of the Racksoy ESD cleaning brush includes:

  • Useful for cleaning computer motherboard, PCB board and other electrocic parts where static electrcity could cause problems.

  • Easy installation based on light-weight vinyl brushes and maintenance.

  • Special flexibility: the contact will not scratch the film, can effectively eliminate the anti-static timely.

  • When insulated parts contacts with the conductive thread of the brush, the static charge can be eliminated by corona discharging and dissipating.

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