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Solid Rock IT UK started from humble beginnings, being a key leader in the delivery of onsite Mac Support and Computer Services for Windows laptop and desktop computers. With the introduction of tablets to the market, the company quickly grasps essential skills and techniques to help clients successfully achieve emergency repair deadlines. We also introduced the well needed onsite scheduled computer tutorials sessions, to help new device owners increase confidence with basic and sometimes complicated functions.

We have always been delivering network solutions and are one of the pioneers for Home Automation Technology, Network Cabling Solutions / Installation and IT Support to all types of business and residential clients. As our clients often say when they contact us, "Is this Solid As a Rock?". This gives happy chuckles and very often, provides positive indications that we are helping the wider community to address existing IT needs, whilst becoming a respected brand for Computer Service Innovation and Delivery.

Like most of our contenders, we speak positively and allow our clients to ask even the most obvious questions without feeling intimidated or silly, and they really love us for that.

We lead by quality, expertise and continuous improvement towards professionalism, continuing to excel in every areas of venture, which is one of the main reasons you are reading About Us now. We truly believe in being Rock Solid for all IT services across the UK and, God permits - perhaps even globally.