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USB keyboard, trackpad and mouse FAQs for Apple Mac and Windows devices. Input devices range in types and operations and even with the introduction of touch screens, they continue to play important roles in the way we interact and engage with computer devices.

Yes. It is possible to interchange your external Mac keybord for a standard bluetooth or USB enabled type.

Cable for networking, audi, video and other interfacing connectivities.

S-video cable are primarily used for standard definition video signal connectiivity. As the name suggests, S-video cables will only distribute the video signal aspects and separate cables are require for stereo or mono audio signals. Overall, S-video provides a slightly better picture than a composite video cable.

Ethernet is a cabling standard and hence the name if the cable used to transmit that kind of network data, Ethernet cable is a very popular network cable type that ais used within wired networks. Ethernet cables makes it possible to connect network devices together within a local area network such as PCs, routers, switches and to some extend printers.

There are four different types of HDMI cables, and these may differ from the types used for automobiles purposes. HDMI cable types includes Standard, Standard with Ethernet, High Speed, and High Speed with Ethernet. Cable manufacturers are required to clearly display the type on the cable itself. Standard cables are rated for 720p and 1080i signals

Wireless network FAQs and  answers to help you understand and make sound technology decisions.

A wireless access point is a network device for connecting Wi-Fi enabled devices to a wired network. In short, it is a wireless beacon for extending wireless signals throughout your immediate and extended location by connecting to your router and amplififing the signal at the require location or extended zone.

A router enables data transfer either wirelessly or by using Etherner cables and can serve the role of an access point too. An access point on the other hand cannot be a router and serves the function offsimply making wireless connectivity available at remote destination throughthe use of an Ethernet cable that is connected to the router.

Audio Visual (AV) FAQs with great tips and answres to help you stay ahead of related trends or issues faced by others with exact or similar AV problems or queries.

Multi-room audio systems often require the installation of ceiling speakers to deliver quality music all around your home.

Some speaker manufacturers also supply wireless speakers which already have built in amplifiers (active) and only require power.

These differ from the traditional ceing speakers which need to be connected to an standalone amplifier to reproduce the  audio signal.

DVI is the abbreviation for Digital Visual Interface. DVI cables are used to transfer video signals from a computer base unit having that interface to aLCD monitor. DVI cable can also work with HDTV displays, projectors, and cable boxes.

VGA and DVI connectors can tcarry video signals from a source to the destination display device - eg. monitor, TV or projector. VGA cables carry analog signals while DVI can carry both analog and digital video signals.

Network attached, portable and desktop storage FAQ, including queries and answers related to NAS drives, SSD and other storage media types.

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a computer storage device that makes use of similar technology found in USB-stick. This is often referred to as flash memory technology. Solid-state drives actually does not have no moving parts and are therefore much quicker in store and accessing data.

Yes, as with all electronic technologies, solid-state hard drives do fail. A SSD failure can be caused by age, wear and tear, physical damages, and heat. Compared to tradional hard drives, the abscence of mechanical moving parts increases the lifespan of solid state drives, but like other electronics, the presence of high temperature can cause breakdown of their electrinic composition, thereby leading to unexpected hardware failure.

FAQs about gaming hardware, software and systems to help you understand how best to identify, select and purchas erelated resources.

Game streaming is the ability to transmit and play games either remotely via the internet or within your local network on another computer system. Game streaming allows you to play games by accessing and interacting with controls as though physically infront of the console or gaming device.

Up to date answer for questions around computer and latop casing, stands sl;eeves and mouch more. Have relevant information at your fingertips to make good decisions that are based on sound judgement.

No faqs found in this category

Apple Mac and Windows are different operating systems although they help users to achieve the same outcome - productivity. This section will help you to understand trending FAQs and queries raised by users or provide informative content for decision making.

One of the key criteria to consider when buying laptop is memory, processor, storage and graphics. Most computers will have attest 2GB RAM capacity. Laptop screen dimension is also important, with standard screen sizes being 15.6 inches for most users and 10" where portability is extremely important. Check out our tech reviews section for more details about hardware and software choices that may come in handy for you.