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Google Google Wi-Fi Whole Home Mesh Network System - Pack of 2 hite Google GA00158-UK Wi-Fi whole home mesh network system white fr full home coverag and seamless si.. Product #: SRAZ-GA3A00492-A04 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £290.00 £290.00 10

Pack of 2 Google Wi-Fi Whole Home Mesh Network System - White

Pack of 2 Google Wi-Fi Whole Home Mesh Network System - White

Product Code: SRAZ-GA3A00492-A04
Availability: 10


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WIFI Whole home Package:
  • Enjoy fast and reliable Wi-Fi in every room - each Google Wifi point acts as a router with the Google wifi mesh network system that enhances your router signal for better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, helping eliminate dead zones and delays caused by signal buffering.

This Google WIFI mesh system boast the following properties:

  • Automatic security updates protect your network from being hacked
  • Simple installation, wifi configuration and device setup via an installed app
  • The Google mesh Wifi devices boast a beautiful stylish design that fits seamlessly into any room
  • Network-assist technology that keep your connection fast by always selecting the most otimal channel and bandwidth for your devices

Apply the following guide for adding Google WIFI mesh devices based on the size of your property:

  • One wifi access point for smaller homes (up to 85 sqm)
  • Two access points for medium sized homes (85-170 sqm)
  • Three access points for larger homes (170 sqm and above) - add as many as you need
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