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Samsung Samsung NP-R510 Laptop Battery Laptop Battery for Samsung AA-PB9NC6B R428 RV510 R530 R580 R730 NP-RV519 models. .. Product #: NP-R510-Battery based on 0 reviews Regular price: £35.00 £35.00 100

Laptop Battery Samsung NP-R510

Laptop Battery Samsung NP-R510

Product Code: NP-R510-Battery
Availability: 100


Brand new laptop battery for the Samsung AA-PB9NC6B R428 RV510 R530 R580 R730 NP-RV519 models. This battery comprises:
  • Type: 6 Cells Li-ion Capacity: 11.1V 5200mAh Color: Black
  • Using highest quality materials including grade-A brand-new cells


SAMSUNG: E152,E251,E252,E372,NP-E152,NP-E251,NP-E252,NP-E372,NT-E152,NT-E251, NT-E252,P210,P230,P330,P428,P430,P460,P480,P510,P530,Q210,Q230,Q310,Q318,Q320,Q322,Q428,Q430,Q520,Q528,R408,R410,R420,R423,R427,R428,R429,R430,R431,R439,R440,R460,R462,R463,R464,R465,R466,R467,R468,R470,R478,R480,R503,R505,R507,R508,R510,R517,R518,R519,R520,R522,R523,R538,R540,R560,R580,R610,R620,R700,R710,R710,R718,R720,R728,R730,R780,RC410,RC420,RC510,RC520,RF410,RF510,RF511,RF710,RF711,RV408,RV411,RV415,RV508,RV509,RV511,RV515,RV520,X360 
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