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Best Gaming Laptop under £1000 in the UK

Written by Tech Reviews
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MSI GL62 7QF-1670UK 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop

Having a powerful laptop is the begining of exciting multimedia / gaming user experiences for both online and local computer interactions. MSI made that statmemt clear. this article looks at one the top trending latop and help you to decide how best to get the most from your budget - especially for gaming laptops.

Coming through at the top of the league and boasting  powerful system performance charasteristics within a slender 15.6 inch chasis is the MSI GL62 7QF-1670 UK Gaming Laptop, with an amazing price tag of less than a thousand pounds.

Most high performance gaming laptops generally cost well over the £1K budget threshold, but somehow MSI managed to strike the correct balance. In this review, we will examine key features that makes the the MSI GL62 the worthwhile gaming laptop choice for UK power users with budgets of less than £1000.00.


GL62 gaming series laptops incorporates the Kaby Lake processing technology, greater than 8GB RAM capacity, and very powerful dedicated graphics card that enables it to not only dominate the cheap budget gaming laptop niche, but also makes it a desirable 15.6" performance computer for UK users with interest in professional gaming experiences at low cost.

MSI seems to have done very well by ensuring they are amongst the top computer technology companies who can design the best gaming laptops for under £1000.00 in the UK.


Here are some key technical features that enables the MSI GL62 7QF-1670 UK gaming laptop to be one of the top choice for professioal gamers and enthusiasts alike:


Additional Info

  • Computer Name: MSI GL62 7QF-1670UK Gaming Laptop
  • Processor Characteristics: Kaby Lake Core i7-7700HQ+HM175
  • Memory Capacity: 16GB (DDR IV 8GB x 2)
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Graphics Card: GeForce® GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 128GB SSD + 1TB (SATA)
  • Related Products: Complement the MSI GL62 7QF-1670UK gaming laptop with a durable, light-weight laptop  cooling pad.
  • Price Tag Today: £849.00
  • Downside (Cons): Display screen  limited to 15.6 inches to ensure portability. External monitor required for larger screen experiences.
  • Final Verdict: Decent budget and definitely worth the cost given the powerful features this gaming laptop from MSI comprises.
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